Winter  Tyres

Winter Tyres

What Are Cold Weather Tyres?
Cold Weather tyres, or Winter tyres are specifically designed to deliver the best possible performance and maximum safety when temperatures fall below 7˚C, making driving in winter much safer.

Driving in snow and ice can compromise your safety if your vehicle is not equipped with the correct tyres, basic manoeuvres such as accelerating and braking become more difficult due to reduced grip.

When buying Winter tyres, it is common to go down a speed rating as they are made from a different compound from Summer tyres. It is also important to reduced speeds when driving in adverse weather conditions. Our experts can advise the maximum speed rating for Winter tyres suitable for your vehicle.

Why fit winter tyres?
Although the UK does not suffer from extreme winters like many parts of Europe, it does, on average, have many days that are cold with a surprising number of them with ice and snow. Previous winters have resulted in chaos on the UK roads with many people struggling to get out of their road or driveway. In the UK there is currently no legal requirement to use winter tyres but with drivers being six times more likely to have an accident from October to March*, there is a strong argument for fitting them to your vehicle.


Shorter Stopping Distances
In comparison to summer tyres, winter tyres reduce braking distance significantly in snow and ice.

Safety and improved performance
Due to the specially developed compound which contains more natural rubber and increased groove ratio a winter tyre can maintain excellent grip in snow/ice and wet conditions.

Reduced risk of aquaplaning
The specific tread pattern design of winter tyres can disperse a great amount of water, effectively, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.