We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars For Cash

If you have a car that you would like to sell why not  visit us for a quote. On average we give £150 more than webuyanycar.com. Or you may be interested in one of our cars that we have for sale. Then a part chop option could be the way forward. So way not give DMS Car Sales a call on 01159 264 566 or click find us for our address details.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the FAQs compiled below will cover any questions you might have but if you have any other queries that are not answered below please call us on 01159 264 566 – our advisors will be more than happy to help!
Q: My vehicle has finance outstanding on it – will you still buy my car?
A: Yes, this is not a problem. We simply pay off any outstanding finance whilst our collection driver is with you or you are at one of opur drop off points, we then pay the balance into your bank account. If the outstanding finance amount is greater than the agreed value of your car we can take the balance payment from you at the same time (using all major credit and debit cards).
Q: What if I change my mind and decide not sell my car after I agreed a price with you – what happens next?
A: Nothing at all. You aren’t bound by any legal contract to us and we won’t send the heavies round! If you change your mind its not a problem, we hope to do business with you in the future.
Q. What vehicle documents do I need to have ready for the car?
A: The most important document for us is the log-book (theV5) for the car we are buying. This is needed to be able to sell your car to anyone, not just us. Other stuff we would like is any record of the service history and MOT’s etc as well as bits and bobs like the owners manual and locking wheel nut keys etc if available.
Q: My car is a non-runner. Bust. Kaput. Knackered. Would you still buy my car for cash?
A: Yes, we buy any car, whether it runs or not – just let us know the condition it is in when you apply online.
Q: I need my car to get to work, will you collect it at the weekend?
A: Yes, not a problem we collect on weekends and our drop off locations are open then too.
Q: I’m in a rush – can you buy my car today?
A: In many cases we can collect your car the same day as you make you apply, just let us know at the time of your enquiry and we will pull out all the stops.