Servicing Plan

Servicing Plan

What is a full car service, and is it right for me?

Our Full Service exceeds most manufacturers service schedules. If you book a full car service every year, you give yourself the best chance of totally trouble-free motoring.

What does a Full Service include?

Our full car service includes all the maintenance and checks you need on an annual basis. As well as carrying out essential work, we record wear and tear in an easy-to-understand colour coded format.

Do you use quality parts?

Yes! We use only the highest-quality parts, manufactured to manufacturers’ original specifications.

Do you use quality oil?

Yes! We use the best quality oil from Castrol, our recommended supplier. Castrol is renowned for its high-quality oils that promote efficient engine performance and look after your car. We stock all but the most specialist Castrol oils, and can easily identify the correct oil for your vehicle.

How long is the work guaranteed for?

All work and parts are under guarantee for 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever is soonest.