New Car Servicing

Don't Take Your Car To Dealerships For Servicing

You don't have to service your NEW vehicle at the dealers to protect your warranty.

Block Exemption Legislation Means?

Independent garages can service and repair new vehicles without the manufactures warranty being affected.

This means owners of brand new vehicles can usually get servicing done more conveniently ,faster, and more economically than if they had to rely solely on the vehicle manufacturer's dealership. Supporting independent businesses like ours also helps support your local economy.

The only provision this law is that the garage has to fit parts that are matching quality and fitment of the vehicle's original equipment.

So remember, the next time your new car needs servicing, we offer high quality solutions at competitive prices.

....... Protecting you, your warranty, and your pocket.

. Reliable Servicing

. Hard - Wearing Parts

. Fair Prices


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