Loyalty Scheme (swipii)

Loyalty Scheme (swipii)

How to get your swippi card.

Visit DMS Garage Services enter your details on the iPad provided or save time by filling in the form below.

Once we have your details, we’ll put £5 on your swipii card. When you receive an email from us, download the app which will also inform you of your balance, and any offers that DMS Garage services are running.

Every time your car visits our workshop, and the total www.cheapvaltrexbuy.com invoice is more than £100 you will receive £5 on your swipii card. (one £5 credit per invoice)

The next win of this great scheme is that we’ll credit £5 for every referral sent to us, plus the person that you refer to us would receive 10% discount. We provide free cards to pass on to friends and family.

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